The challenge of paperwork in police work

Police officers pursue law enforcement careers to protect and serve - not to sit at a desk typing up reports. The reality is, however, that police paperwork is increasingly time-consuming, and when reports take too long to complete, justice goes unserved.

Over the years, police departments have cut civilian support staff resources, which has pushed more documentation work, including incident reporting, onto officers.  Some officers type up reports at the station, which limits their visibility within the community.  Others type directly into the Record Management Systems (RMS) from the Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) in their patrol vehicle, which presents ergonomic challenges and reduces situational awareness.

While today’s police cruisers are loaded with mobile technology designed to make officers more productive in the field, reliance on these keyboard-driven, in-car systems has created safety issues for both officers and the public alike, increasing the risk of ambush and distracted driving.

Combine these efficiency and safety challenges with the reduction in staff and budgets, and the need to speed and simplify the incident reporting process becomes all the more urgent.
Dictate incident reports using any phone

Every officer can use Crime Stopper to speak and record incident reports, officer recollections and witness statements while memories are fresh.  As a dictation system, it enables officers to patrol more and type less, allowing clerical staff to create their reports without delay, or helping the officer recall the day's details when they create their reports at the end of their shift.
Crime Stopper gets a witness' information into your hands in real time so you can spring into action without delay.  It helps to prevent crime, to stop a crime in progress, and to solve crimes.  The moment someone calls in a tip, your officers receive an email or text message alert with the tip attached.  Your officers can also call into the system to securely listen back to the tip, or they can securely listen to the tip on their computer.

Put every citizen on crime fighting's front line
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Crime Stopper is scalable to every law enforcement application, including State and Local Police Departments, Sheriff Departments, Homeland Security Offices, FBI and TSA Agencies, and School Administrators to capture crime and bullying tips and officer incident reports and witness statements verbatim.

Crime Stopper's software and pod installs easily on your pc and connects to your phone line.  That phone line's number can be noted, for example, on an officer’s business card, on a billboard or other signage, and on your website.  Installation is a breeze.  And if you want us to help, we're just a phone call away.

And if you choose to use our Cloud Hotline/Dictation Service, you have no software or pod to install, and no phone line to connect to.  We give you a phone number to call and a pin/password to securely login with.
Crime Stopper can be used for tips, or dictation, or both at the same time.  Ask us for a live demo of all it's capabilities.  With our full demo, in just a few minutes you will see how powerful the system is yet how easy it is to use.  And you will see how it will make your officers more efficient and how it will save you money while improving your crime fighting effectiveness.
Capture real time tips
and streamline incident reporting
for productivity gains and cost savings.

While completing incident reports and other paperwork is critical to law enforcement,
this time-consuming task can keep officers away from what matters most:
protecting and serving the community.
tip hotline
dictation system
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