The challenge of paperwork in police work
Police officers pursue law enforcement careers to protect and serve -
Dictate incident reports using any phone
Every officer can use Crime Stopper to speak and record -
Put every citizen on crime fighting's front line
Crime Stopper puts a witness' information into your hands in real time -
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Crime Stopper can be used for tips, or dictation, or both at the same time.  Ask us for a live demo of all it's capabilities.  With our full demo, in just a few minutes you will see how powerful the system is yet how easy it is to use.  And you will see how it will make your officers more efficient and how it will save you money while improving your crime fighting effectiveness.  And you will see how it easily connects to your pc's usb port and your analog phone line, or how easy it can be used as a service where we give you a phone number to call and pin number to log in with.
Capture real time tips
and streamline incident reporting
for productivity gains and cost savings.

While completing incident reports and other paperwork is critical to law enforcement,
this time-consuming task can keep officers away from what matters most:
protecting and serving the community.
tip hotline
dictation system
>>  Hotline & Dictation in one system!